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Kolkata Airport Taxi Service

When do you want a car?

Pick and drop service

Zoomcar provides self-drive service at major airports. Pick your car from Zoomcar Pickup Point at Airport Parking and you are ready to Zoom into the city/outstation. Return the car at the same pickup point and fly off to your destination.

The Zoomcar Advantage

Fuel Cost Included

Don’t worry about mileage! All fuel costs are included. If you refill fuel, we’ll pay you back!

No Hidden Charges

Our prices include taxes and insurance.
What you see is what you really pay!

Flexi Pricing Packages

One size never fits all! Choose a balance of time and kilometers that works best for you.

Go Anywhere

Our cars have all-India permits.
 Just remember to pay state tolls and entry taxes.

24x7 Roadside Assistance

We have round-the-clock, pan India partners. Help is never far away from you.

Damage Insurance

All your bookings include damage insurance! Drive safe, but don’t worry!


Getting about in any city with public transport takes a lot of effort, time and is definitely not the most comfortable thing to do. Getting about the bustling streets of Kolkata can be quite another thing. Meander through the streets of colourful markets, colonial-era architecture, cafes and street stalls for some real travelling, or drive from Kolkata airport to Howrah station.
Fancy being able to have access to any of the Zoomcar self-drive cars in Kolkata at your fingertips!
  Having your own vehicle to dart around the city with the help of a precise navigation system is a great way to get from place to place and to get things done! Zoomcar is not just dedicated to giving you amazing service from close to your home; you can now access them from right outside the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose international Airport! Airport cab facility makes life so easy for, you get picked up from the airport by a friendly executive and get taken to a nearby parking lot where you get access to your vehicle without having to deal with any Kolkata airport cabs or a Kolkata airport bus.


The Kolkata airport taxi service comes at a small price for the big benefits of having a self drive car to drive about for the day without any hassles. You can choose from your regular fleet of cars on the website and have everything set and ready the moment you hit the ground. Here is how you can arrange a Zoomcar airport pickup Kolkata even before your flight takes off -
Book an airport cab before you set out.
Contact the fleet executive as soon as you land - He will reach you in about 10 minutes!
See your car - The fleet executive will drive you to the Zoomcar parking lot.
Take the keys - Drive away in comfort from the Zoomcar parking lot to your next destination, assured in the knowledge that you will not need to look for a taxi for as long as you are in the city.


If you are en route to Durgapur for some business related work, make use of the Kolkata airport to Durgapur airport taxi service from the moment you get off the plane. You can have your own vehicle and get many jobs done in a day at your own pace and time. It will also give you the freedom to make any stops you wish to, perhaps for a bite to eat, or to purchase some of the sweet delicacies you just can’t go home without. On your way back, just drive the airport cab to the Zoomcar parking lot and our fleet executive will provide a Kolkata airport drop. While a bus to Kolkata airport may put you at the risk of missing your flight, Kolkata airport transport by Zoomcar is sure to be on time!


Book a Zoomcar airport cab in any city you visit with the Zoomcar app on your phone and feel at home wherever you go. Easy to book, pick up and drop, Zoomcar has airport service in10 cities in India namely Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, and we aim to grow over the next few months.